Selecting talents that really fit

Identifying motivation and values through cultural fit analysis

Determine the core values that describe the character of the company, department or specific location. If the idea of the talent matches the company's values, you are most likely to win a suitable candidate. As a result, you will achieve higher productivity, satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

Identifying development opportunities through potential diagnostics

The combination of self-assessment, performance tests, image recognition tests and simulation of occupational situations measures skills and abilities. The coverage of the talent with the success-relevant core requirements for the respective occupational field is uncovered.

Recognizing conscious and unconscious motives through psychometry

The tests for measuring the potential of talents meet the psychometric quality criteria of independence, accuracy and reliability.

Results are provided in self-explanatory and quickly understandable views by means of complex algorithms, evolutionary processes and computer linguistics.

Feature Overview


Assessment Tests & Questionnaires

Make reliable and well-founded personnel decisions with minimal effort


Competence Management

Measures to record and develop employee competencies and their alignment with corporate strategy


Cultural Fit & Matching-Score

Recording values and determining the corporate cultural fit of the applicant


Integrity Test

Preventively find out which talents will lead to major conflicts


Potential Diagnostics

Precise statements on the 4 levels of personality match the right people with the right jobs



Informative psychometrics for skill and competence development in order to bind high potentials



Evaluate talents, represent the difference to the job specification model and compare talents with each other

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