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Health Risk Assessment

Fewer days of absence due to healthy employees

Tested campaigns measure 'real' stress factors according to § 5 ArbSchG

Determine the stressful factors per workplace through an initial survey. Conduct detailed surveys if the results are critical. At your request, our psychologists will adapt the campaigns and questions directly to your company. With an ongoing use of the survey, you can collect and measure the psychological hazards in the workplace at regular intervals.

High participation rates via PC, tablet and smartphone

Through the continuous use and high acceptance of the employees, you receive meaningful results in real time and over time. This provides you with an overview and information about the workload of your employees, which can be differentiated - sorted by company locations, departments or functions.

Development and implementation of improvements is the responsibility of the employees

The 3-phase model of HRpuls enables your employees to independently identify fields of action for improvement, to make suggestions, to evaluate them and to implement them on their own. In this way, you establish a continuous stabilisation of your employees' health.

Compared to other renowned methods, the advantages of HRpuls become clear

Functions at a glance

& Guidelines

DSGVO Confomity

Secure and easy compliance with the currently applicable data protection regulations


EN ISO 10075-3

Consideration of the recommendations of BAuA and GDA


Access rights policy

Staff and managers only see the results they are supposed to see


Reliable measurement

Reliable through well-established instruments such as SALSA and QOPSOQ



Benchmarks can be used to determine and display internal and external comparisons of results


Real-time analysis

View results and improvement ideas in real time in the dashboard



Visualise developments, trends and successes over time


Qualitative outcome analysis

Easy results analysis through systematic tagging and clustering of terms


Campaign pool

Themes are turnkey, validated and ready to use


Tested campaigns

'Real' stress factors are measured by means of tested campaigns, according to § 5 ArbSchG


Quality assurance

Identify workers' needs, respond and review the effectiveness of interventions


Efficacy testing

Different perspectives and collection times allow for effectiveness testing



Get higher participation rates via gamification of short, mobile surveys



Language selection enables smooth interviews


Staff participation

Improve participation through employee involvement in identified areas of action


Mobile capability

High participation rates due to mobile capability, via PC, tablet, smartphone


What our customers say...

Ines_Larsen-Schmidt Staples, Referenz HRpuls Psychische Belastung
Alfred Dornsaft, Fachkraft für Arbeitssicherheit,  Referenz HRpuls

"A healthy working environment and a trusting relationship with employees is of utmost importance to Staples, but not always easy to achieve. This year we started to carry out a psychological risk assessment of the employees at the workplace in order to prevent long-term illnesses. Ideally, we also feel the 'pulse' in the company and in this way identify opportunities to improve life in the working world and to be in dialogue with our employees. The HRpuls module helps us to optimally record the risk in real time and evaluate it at team level. Particularly helpful is the subsequent idea and project phase, in which employees can independently contribute, evaluate and implement ideas. A real win-win situation for both sides!"

Ines Larsen-Schmidt
Head of Human Resources, Staples Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

"ARTS has been a strategic partner for the aerospace industry for more than 15 years. We support companies in the industry to sustainably optimise their business processes for production and personnel. Such innovative and high-quality services can only be guaranteed by satisfied and motivated employees. To meet this demand and our high quality standards, we use HRpuls to reduce mental stress. With minimal effort for employees and managers, we continuously receive suggestions and proposals for improvement that have a positive influence on our working conditions, the work-life balance of our employees and the organisation of the workplace."

Aileen Kreibich
Head of Recruitment Consulting, ARTS Holding SE

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