Attract talent. Facilitate application. Optimise process and selection.


An application Process that is fun



Selecting talents that really fit



An application process that is continuously optimized


Workforce planning that is simple and up-to-date


Attract talent at the touch of a button


Can the software be adapted to my needs?

HRpuls is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Neither installation nor integration of the IT is necessary. Updates and maintenance of the system are fully automatic. Technical interfaces can be created for existing systems (e.g. SAP). The software can be implemented quickly and easily.

What service packages are available?

HRpuls products are of modular design. These modules can be grouped into three suites, each optimized for one target group (recruiting, HR management, performance).

You can choose between the basic and the premium package. 

The basic rate includes the one-time onboarding and technical provision. The software is operated by self-service by the customer.
The premium offer also includes individual advice from HR experts and psychologists on a wide range of topics such as setting goals, constructing questionnaires, identifying critical topics or implementing ideas.

How is data protection guaranteed?

Our web hosting partner is 1&1 Internet SE with server locations exclusively in Germany. With our data protection concept we meet the requirements...

  • the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to be applied as of 25.05.2018
  • of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG (new)))
  • according to § 64 sentence 1 of the BDSG (new) to guarantee technical and/or organisational measures (TOM) to ensure security and protection requirements of the BDSG (new)
  • according to § 62 BDSG (new) for order processing

Annual data protection audits are conducted to ensure data protection.
Furthermore, an external data protection officer for HRpuls is employed.

Further information on data protection can be found here.

Can the content of surveys be adapted to my needs?

Yes, because all products have a modular design and can therefore be used both independently and in combination.

Our item pool is tested and immediately usable (item: a question in a questionnaire, the value of which pays for the characteristic to be measured. Example: Feature=Reading motivation, item="I like to take the time to read a book."). If content is taken from the existing pool, the campaigns are immediately available. Furthermore, benchmarking is made possible.

How are candidates invited to participate in surveys?

At defined times, talents receive a link by e-mail. You can participate from any mobile device within minutes.

How is the data evaluated in surveys?

Our data analysis is done via the dashboard of our system. Responsible personnel and clients receive access to it.

  • The results are displayed in real time.
  • The results are presented in self-explanatory information graphics.
  • The results can be filtered by target group or time span, making comparisons possible.
  • Benchmarks are output to compare own results with other internal or external results.
  • Infographics contain recommendations for action that support organisations in optimising their own ranking and/or the participation rate.