Our mission

Enable organisations to find, retain and deploy talents.

HR managers are increasingly assuming the role of aligning organizations with the future. To do this, they need to understand the corporate strategy and have talent on board at the right time, with the right skills and values to successfully implement the strategy. In this important role, there is no time for administrative tasks. Therefore, the software from HRpuls relieves HR managers and executives to create space for the really important things - the people in the company!

Our history

Our founders have met many organizations of different sizes and cultures in their professional careers. One topic was the same for all organizations: a great lack of transparency regarding the satisfaction and commitment of employees. Especially in Germany, grumbling is very popular instead of thinking about improvements.


Thus the idea was born to measure satisfaction and commitment in real time AND to improve it. This was the birth of the HRpuls 3-phase model. Many companies used the software for different applications and so we gained a deep understanding of critical issues in recruiting, personnel management and career development. Based on the data we developed products together with customers to solve these critical issues. The foundation for the development of 3 HR suites was laid.


Today more than 1 million users use the software and attest to its simple and self-explanatory use. The mission is gradually becoming a reality: empowering organizations to find, retain and leverage talent.

Our values

Our values are the basis for our cooperation and help us to work productively and with satisfaction. It sounds so simple, but many organisations get entangled in discussions, silo thinking and elbow mentality instead of focusing on the values that made them successful in the beginning. HRpuls the following values are important:


for the best HR software


for innovation and service


through concentration

Own responsibility

for the achievement of goals


for balance and creativity


To exceed our customers' expectations on a daily basis, we bring together people with true passion and expertise in the field of HR, with different cultures and ways of thinking. Through constant exchange and mutual feedback, we work creatively and develop innovative ideas for our customers. We often involve our customers directly in the development process in order to test and improve new ideas in practice.


develop made-to-measure software. Your requirements are solutions that are always somewhat more precise, somewhat simpler and somewhat more systematized than what we already know.


take care of content-related topics. With their expertise in methodology and their scientific theoretical knowledge of human experience and behaviour, they strive for maximum informative value and user-friendliness in our suites.


are characterized by empathy, judgement and critical thinking. Its aim is to exceed customer expectations and strengthen long-term relationships.


Mitarbeiterbefragung; Regelkreis zur Vertrauensbindung - HRpuls

Oliver (CEO) and Henning (CTO) as founder of HRpuls embody the passion for HR and Software and jointly founded HRpuls in 2012.


is passionate about recruiting, retention and development of talent. In dialogue with managing directors and HR managers, he continuously develops HRpuls products according to the needs of customers. This results in tried-and-tested products that offer maximum benefits. Previously, as a management consultant, he supported companies worldwide in the areas of strategy, organizational development and mergers & acquisitions.


is as "IT God" in charge of all technical topics at HRpuls. He makes every idea come true. Always questioning and supporting, he is a valued contact both internally and externally. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, he began developing software and websites for a wide range of customers. His areas of expertise include software engineering, web applications, IT security and databases.

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