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Tips for your pulse check / your pulse survey

The most important in brief

Status quo and longitudinal section - fast and precise pulse check

The pulse check, also pulse survey, is an employee survey in the form of a short and focused questionnaire that can also deal with far-reaching topics. Regular pulse checks record the mood of the workforce as part of change processes. Real-time reports of results provide concrete impulses for improvement measures.

A pulse check is characterized by conciseness and is particularly resource-saving. The standardized procedure allows an uncomplicated and fast preparation, execution and reporting.

Mitarbeiterbefragung; Regelkreis zur Vertrauensbindung - HRpuls

Good reasons for pulse checks

1 Six advantages of pulse checks / pulse surveys

  • Recovered data is absolutely up-to-date.
  • Fast reactions to negative trends are possible. Employees are more willing to participate in a survey that requires little additional effort. This increases the participation rate and the response rate.Especially in large companies, time-saving rolling surveys are positive for the general workload.
  • The slim design of a pulse check requires neither a long preparation nor post-processing time.
  • Both the current situation and changes are measurable.
Mitarbeiterbefragung; Regelkreis zur Vertrauensbindung - HRpuls

2 Six tips for your pulse check

  • Define the goals of the pulse check and the core topics on which you want to ask your employees.
  • Involve all key stakeholders. These represent the pulse check and serve internally as ambassadors.It should only take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. Design it with 5 to 8 questions.
  • Create awareness of the pulse check among the staff and motivate them to take part.
  • Enable a variety of participation options: PC, smartphone, tablet. Make sure that the software is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Depend on anonymity and privacy policies. The authorizations for certain results result from the organizational structure. Managers, departments or teams should each have access to their individual evaluation unit.
Mitarbeiterbefragung; Regelkreis zur Vertrauensbindung - HRpuls

3 Pulse checks and employee surveys - a valuable synergy

Pulse Checks offer numerous advantages. Profitable synergies can be generated through a combination of pulse checks and classic, more extensive employee surveys. The more comprehensive employee survey can, for example, measure many topics at longer intervals and uncover critical topics. In the follow-up process, individual topics can be dealt with with strategically applied, continuous pulse checks. Changes can be measured and topics improved in real time and with high transparency.

4 Initiate measures immediately after pulse checks

As soon as a pulse check is completed, an overview of the current situation in the company is expected as quickly as possible in order to derive appropriate measures. The results of a pulse check enable the direct, clear and unambiguous derivation of statements on the current situation.

> Structured according to evaluation units, the management, executives, different departments and teams can access the data that concern them. This ensures that the right information reaches the right people, who can immediately start deriving and implementing measures.

Regel Phasen der Mitarbeiterbefragung - HRpuls

INTERVIEW WITH Bettina Hörmann

5 Enable easy participation and increase fun factor

"Unfortunately, I don't know many companies who can say that we have a very good, open feedback culture.

The most important concern of the employees is always that the survey is anonymous. Every employee receives an individualized link to the pulse check by e-mail. Employees can participate via PC, tablet or smartphone as the software automatically adjusts to the display size. This is important to reach the employees where they are.

Gamification and interactive elements increase the fun factor.

Thus participation rates of more than 90 percent are achieved.

A clear sign that we have our finger on the pulse of the times."

Beschäftigte zu einer Mitarbeiterbefragung einladen und Teilnahme einfach ermöglichen // HRpuls Interview mit bettina Hörmann

6 Developing corporate culture

Establish appreciation and participation
The professional use of a pulse check alone means innovative development of the corporate culture. It is assumed that employees are interested in actively contributing to the achievement of the company's goals. An appreciative culture in which all employees can enter into dialogue with each other is fundamental to this. Commitment and employee retention can only be established in the long term if companies respond to the latest technological and technical developments, such as the Puls Check. This means that the needs of both the company and the employees can be taken into account more effectively.

Regel Phasen der Mitarbeiterbefragung - HRpuls
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