Applicant Tracking System

An application process that is fun

Easy application through one-click technology

The fast and uncomplicated application process makes it easier for your potential employees to contact you. The amount of application documents can be adjusted to the vacancy and the applications can be managed easily and centrally in HRpuls. In case of questions, talents can also receive direct answers using a chat function.

Thank to Google-for-Jobs Integration more Talents find your Career Page

The professional design of your career site with a uniform corporate design will help you attract talents. With HRpuls, you can design ads individually and manage them easily. The clear structure and appealing job ads attract the interest of talents and improve your Google ranking.

Fast hiring through process automation

Applicants want quick response times. This can be guaranteed with HRpuls through real-time information and self-service of all users (especially HR and faculties). You see all important information at a glance. Do not spend a lot of time on processes that are always the same. With automated mailings and templates, communication is fast and uncomplicated. Thanks to intelligent process mapping and standardized processes, there are warning and reminder features so that no important tasks are forgotten.

Feature Overview

& Standardization
& Evaluation
& Interfaces
Application Process
& Data Protection

Alarm Function

Be alerted when defined periods of time are exceeded to never forget a task


Task Management

Participants complete their tasks on time thanks to notifications


Google-for-Jobs Integration

Rank high on Google and attract more qualified candidates


GDPR Conformity

Reliable compliance with current data protection regulations


Offer Preparation

Using one of various templates from a central document management system


Application Fill Level

See the number of applications for each process step at a glance


Calendar Synchronization

Plan and synchronize appointments simply and without overlapping


Talents' Feedback

Continuous process optimization through targeted questions to satisfaction


Selection Procedure

Interviews and qualification tests can be managed and conducted online.


Employer Branding

Increase employer attractiveness through modern and smooth processes



The selection of languages allows candidates to submit their applications smoothly



Matching the required competence profile with that of the talent


Interview Templates

Making the right decisions through standardized processes


Process Reporting

View individual key data in
real-time and optimize processes


Employee Recommendation

Employees suggest talents from their network & are rewarded. e.g. with tl_files/umfrageTool/uploads/layout2014/i_produkte/firstbird-logo1-720x340.jpg


One-Click Technology

Applications take only a few minutes, regardless of the device


CV Import

Automatically import data from CVs and have them transferred to profiles


Reporting for Channels

Efficiency of channel selection and quality of talents, including recommendations for actions



Recruiters, departments, HR and talents act and inform each other independently


Online Document Management

Manage CVs, certificates and other documents centrally


Mailings at the Touch of a Button

Create, manage and send individualized mail templates for each status


Management with Tags

All profiles have multiple keywords (tags) to facilitate search and matching


Social Media Connection

mport data from Xing, LinkedIn and other platforms with one click


Talent Pool

Transfer unchosen talents to a talent pool

Do we keep our promise?

What our customers say...

Daniel Hennig, Kaufmännischer Leiter
Herbrand, Referenz HRpuls Bewerbermanagement

"As a service center, we are responsible for recruiting for more than 120 jobs a year, including apprentices. The HRpuls Applicant Tracking System has created great transparency in the application process. Departments immediately see whether there is a task to complete and one can view the preselected favorites of candidates in real time. Applicants can enter their data in a slim and mobile mask and manage it later. Thus we fulfil all requirements of the GDPR at the same time. All in all, we save a lot of time and receive more applicants - what more could you want?"

Daniel Hennig
Commercial Manager, Herbrand Administration & Dienstleistung GmbH

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