Active Sourcing

Attract talent at the touch of a button

Connection to relevant career platforms brings more candidates

Manage candidates and talents in a central database. Enrich profiles with information from social media channels or resumes at the touch of a button. Actively address all candidates with mailings or get notified as soon as a candidate updates his social media profile.

Expressive search profiles increase the number of suitable candidates

Thanks to precise search orders and intelligent search optimization, you receive talent of high quality - according to the job requirements. Compare both internally and externally actively sourced talents based on clearly defined requirement profiles. The visualization of profile comparisons supports and accelerates decision making.

GDPR conformity through integrated approval processes

The module helps you to comply with legal requirements more easily. A legally compliant mapping and processing of sensitive data is ensured by the following security measures:

  • Access Control
  • Two factor authentication
  • Assignment of different authorizations
  • Logging
  • Archiving and delete functions
  • Coding procedure
  • Data backup
  • Pseudonymization functions
  • Anonymization functions

Feature Overview


CV Import

Automatically import data from CVs and have them transferred to profiles


GDPR Conformity

Reliable compliance with current data protection regulations


Mailings at the touch of a button

Create, manage and send individualized mail templates for each status


Matching with tags

All profiles are tagged with multiple keywords to facilitate search and matching


Online document management

Manage CVs, certificates and other documents centrally


Job Placement Pipeline

Report progress easily with intuitive visualization


Radius Search

Search all candidates by area of residence or place of work



View individual key indicators in real-time and make the right decisions


Social Media Connection

Import data from Xing/LinkedIn/others, automatically keep it up to date


Strong search profiles

Create required profiles and generate high talent quality

Do we keep our promise?

What our customers say...

Katharina Wolff, Managing Director
D-LEVEL GmbH, Referenz HRpuls Candidate Active Sourcing
Sebastian Hopp, innogy, Referenz HRpuls Candidate Experience
Our core competence is the search and selection of talents with real digital expertise. The process for contacting and managing contacts must be as simple and transparent as possible for our consultants. The Active Sourcing module of HRpuls supports us optimally. Our consultants can create new projects at the push of a button, import candidates from social media channels, read out CVs at the push of a button, automatically get tags suggested and visualize the staffing process in the Kanbanboard. This saves us a lot of time and allows us to concentrate better on the core task of search and selection. The result: a constantly growing candidate and customer satisfaction."

Katharina Wolff
Managing Director D-LEVEL GmbH

Innogy is a modern energy company that is actively shaping the megatrends of decarbonization, decentralization and digitization. We can only perform this task with well-trained and committed specialists. In order to fill key positions quickly and with ideal candidates, a direct and efficient approach is crucial. The Active Sourcing module of HRpuls helps us to transfer candidates into our own database at the push of a button and to perform and visualize all steps in the selection process. We are gradually building up our own candidate and talent pool and can fill vacancies faster and with the best candidates."

Sebastian Hopp
Head of Recruiting& Research at innogy SE

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