Training Evaluation & Management

Trainings that do work


Relief for employees and managers through automated assessment and feedback interviews

HR Managers, executives and trainers have access to training management and evaluation according to a clear authorization system. So they can easily manage themselves. The central storage of information enables leaner processes and saves time for administrative tasks and long communication channels.


Measure expectation, experience and transfer performance in real time

Participants and clients (e.g. superiors) receive an invitation for a pulse survey immediately before the training, which determines the expectations of the training. Via smartphone they can answer the questions.

After the training , the participants and trainers answer questions about their satisfaction with the trainer and the contents of the training, or about the course of the training. They can contribute their ideas and wishes.

In order to determine the transfer success of what has been learned into everyday life, three months after the training a third pulse survey is sent to participants and clients.


Efficacy testing of training (360°)

Expectations and experiences of participants, trainers and clients can be easily recorded. Participants, trainers and clients receive a link to participate in a pulse check. Via Smartphone or PC satisfaction, wishes and ideas for improvement can be entered playfully, easily and quickly.

Feature Overview



Trainer, HR, managers, participants manage appointments and content


Satisfaction measurement

Survey to determine whether expectations of Managers, participants, trainers are fullfilled


Efficacy check

Different perspectives & points in time allow an effectiveness check


Document management

Manage centrally online certificates, attestations, attestations etc.


Real time results

View results and improvement ideas in real time on dashboard



Achieve high participation rates through the gamification of the brief mobile survey


Development measure

Linking with talent development and assessment & feedback


Campaign pool

Topics are turnkey, validated and ready for immediate use



Internal and external comparisons of the results



Visualize developments, trends and successes over time


Qualitative result analysis

Simple result analysis through systematic marking/clustering of terms

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What our customers say...

Clemens_Arnold-Hoffmann IBB Staples, Referenz HRpuls Trainingsevaluation

Our organization is growing rapidly and structured development is a prerequisite for our long-term business success. The HRpuls model supports us optimally, since the satisfaction of all participants can be queried and evaluated in real time. Participants can also conduct the survey on the move, a feature that is really popular in the age of smartphones."

Clemens Arnold-Hoffmann
Board Member, IBB Institute for Vocational Education AG

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