Time Management

Time management that is fun

Request and notify vacation, training or illness via smartphone

With the HRpuls Time Management, working times and absences can be recorded easily: in the classic way at the terminal, by OneClick at the workplace or mobile with the smartphone. Approval processes for absences, for example, are drastically simplified by smart notification functions and automation. Administrative tasks are eliminated and managers, employees and HR can concentrate on the important tasks.

Overview of attendances and absences facilitates work planning

Record working times easily. The self-explanatory design and interfaces to existing systems allow time recording without expenditure of time. The automated hourly calculation flows directly into the preparatory payroll accounting.

Closing Excel formulas and organizational difficulties with Absence planning. Vacation, illness, further training or other reasons for absence are simply entered, approved and displayed.

Recording and managing presence at the terminal using fingerprints

With the hardware of HRpuls' cooperation partners you can determine for yourself which functions you really want to use for your company. By the full integration into the module HRpuls Personnel Management you use the hardware as terminals for simple "check-in and check-out" or more extensive with further functions of the HRpuls modules (ideal e.g. for PC-free workstations).

Authorization and key figures

The configurable authorization allows the automation of individual regulations. With the help of important KPI's, you can constantly optimize your time management and save time and costs

  • Disease days
  • Fluctuation
  • Performance
  • Overtime
  • Special holidays etc.

Feature Overview


Access Control

A clear authorization system ensures data protection and user-friendliness



Record working time taking contractual and legal regulations into account



Apply for holiday, training or illness via smartphone and communicate



Manage presence and absence at the terminal, via fingerprint, on the PC, on the smartphone



Relevant persons are informed about, e. g. unplanned absences


Preparatory Payroll Accounting

All wage-relevant data is made available to executing users


Reminder Function

Entries, departures, planned absences, birthdays, events, etc.



Employees have online access to their own data, applications, certificates, etc.



Task planning and reminder

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