Pulse Checks & Employee Survey

Simply satisfied and committed employees

Tested campaigns measure "real" satisfaction and engagement

Employees can perform a pulse check playfully via smartphone or PC. The campaign and idea pool developed by psychologists enables quick and regular participation. Participation increases step by step. You choose the order of the topics and the duration of the survey cycles. If necessary, questions can be changed or added.

Results can be retrieved and evaluated in real time for each department

By continuously using the campaigns you measure the mood of your employees daily, weekly or monthly. As a manager, you can see the satisfaction, commitment, digitalisation or workload of your employees in real time and over time - differentiated according to location, department or function. You get full transparency about your organization.

The development and implementation of improvements is the responsibility of the employees

The 3-phase model of HRpuls enables your employees to independently identify fields of action for improvements, to make suggestions, to evaluate them and to implement them on their own. In this way you establish a continuous improvement and development process and strengthen the Employee Experience in the long term.

Feature Overview



Internal and external comparisons of the results


Campaign pool

Topics are turnkey, validated and ready for immediate use


Employee Experience

Keeping an eye on factors relevant to success in the employee lifecycle


Employee Participation

Identified fields to be improved through employee involvement



Achieve high participation rates through the gamification of the brief mobile surveys



Visualize developments, trends and successes over time


Idea Management

Employees submit ideas for improvement themselves and link those of the college



A regular survey of the NPS provides indications of improvements and deteriorations


Qualitative Result Analysis

Simple result analysis through systematic marking/clustering of terms


Quality Assurance

Respond with measures and check their effectiveness


Real Time Results

View results and improvement ideas in real time on dashboard


Satisfaction & Engagement-Index

Measure engagement as a driver for corporate success and identifying fields of action

Do we keep our promise?

What our customers say...

Bettina Hörmann, Referenz von HRpuls Employee Experience
Kerstin Winkelmann - Motel One, Referenz von HRpuls Employee Experience
As a media group, ProSiebenSat.1 SE finds itself in a very competitive and dynamic environment. In order to continue our success of recent years, our Executive Board attaches great importance to involving our employees in changes and a high level of commitment on the part of everyone. HRpuls pulse checks enable us to measure and improve satisfaction and commitment in real time. We achieve this improvement through a downstream ideas and project phase in which employees can independently contribute and evaluate ideas. The ideas with the greatest approval are implemented together, followed by another pulse check on a new topic. This agile approach is ideally suited to ProSiebenSatz.1 - so participation, satisfaction and commitment increase continuously."

Bettina Hörmann
Senior Vice President People Development, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

Open dialogue and personal responsibility are very important to us. HRpuls supports us very much, because we can determine the "pulse" of our employees mobile and in real time. Through the downstream and transparent process of idea management and projects, the willingness to participate is also high - and thus also everyone's participation in the joint change process."

Anneke Beiroth
Senior Manager Human Resources, XING SE

Our founder attaches great importance to satisfied employees who identify emotionally with the company. To this day, he is personally committed to the topic. With more than 50 hotels in Europe, measuring and visualizing satisfaction is a complex project for us. The smart solution from HRpuls helps us very much to determine high participation rates and meaningful results in real time - but above all to involve the employees in the implementation of improvements. In this way we stay at the "pulse" of our employees."

Kerstin Winkelmann
Head of Human Relations, Motel One GmbH

Our organization is growing rapidly and structured development is a prerequisite for our long-term business success. The HRpuls model provides us with optimal support, as we can continuously measure satisfaction across the locations. Employees are also empowered to organize themselves and to collect, evaluate and implement improvement measures. That's real employee participation."

Dr. Alexander Kirstein
Chairman of the Management Board, G.A.R.D. Verwaltungsgesellschaft für Ambulanz und Rettungsdienst mbH

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