Onboarding & Exit

Strong performance starting from the first working day

Training for employees increases knowledge and competence before the first working day

New employees are given the opportunity to read in before the first day of work, to get in touch with team colleagues and to complete obligatory and voluntary online training courses. The onboarding offer can be constantly optimised with the help of pulse checks. After two weeks and after three months, talents receive an invitation to take part in a pulse survey, which asks for the relevant criteria during the induction phase. Via smartphone they can answer the questions, contribute ideas and wishes.


Telephone book function allows insight into team and organization

Sensible information (e.g. contact persons), interesting appointments and administrative onboarding tasks are displayed in an overview and help the new talent to quickly find his way around. The satisfaction of the talent increases and the learning curve becomes steeper.

Determine reasons for leaks in real time, even during the trial period

The exit survey provides detailed reasons why employees leave the company. Pulse checks in the exit phase enable measurement and visualization of the drivers for fluctuation.

Use HRpuls to survey talents directly and save time and money in the onboarding process

Feature Overview



Users can communicate & any activity can be tracked


Document Management

Request, upload and grant access to documents relevant to your settings online



Visualize developments, trends and successes over time



New arrivals can already use online schools & tips before the 1st day


Phone Book Function

Find the company, important people and contact persons easily


Quality Assurance

Determine reasons for leaks in real-time, even during the trial period



Manage bureaucratic, introductory and meeting appointments

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What our customers say...

Bennet Schlotfeldt,Personalreferent Talent & Performance Management Otto GmbH & Co KG, Referenz HRpuls Onboarding & Exit

"All candidates who have completed our application process and finally join OTTO should feel comfortable in their new position from the very first moment. They should be able to find their way quickly in order to develop their full potential. With HRpuls we measure and visualize how satisfied the new candidates are with the training and ask specifically for improvement wishes. This helps us to continuously optimize our onboarding processes. The reasons why employees leave OTTO are further valuable information through which we can better understand and influence trends and developments relating to fluctuation."

Bennet Schlotfeldt
Personnel Officer Talent& Performance Management, OTTO GmbH& Co KG

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