Digital Readiness & Change

Measure, visualize and accelerate changes

Digital minds, skill and toolset over all levels

Operate digitization on three levels. The index takes into account all levels of digitization - thus you get valuable ideas and approaches for increasing your digitization and change.

Include digital talents as digitization drivers

Identify the "digital Heros" in your company and include them as lighthouses for digitalisation initiatives. The motivated "digital talents" can be specifically promoted through specific training measures. In this way you can gradually consolidate the digital mindset and skillset in your workforce while conserving resources.

Developing digital beginners through targeted trainings

Employees drive digitization independently. The 3-phase model of HRpuls enables your employees to independently identify fields of action for improvements, to make suggestions, to evaluate them and to implement them on their own. In this way you establish a continuous improvement and development process.

Feature Overview



Promote talented employees in targeted training courses



Internal and external comparisons of the results


Campaign Pool

Topics are turnkey, validated and ready for immediate use


Digitalization Index

Capture digital readiness of the workforce (mindset, skillset)



Achieve high participation rates through the gamification of the brief mobile survey



Visualize developments, trends and successes over time


Idea Management

Employees submit ideas for improvement themselves and may like those of their colleagues



Regular survey of the NPS provides indications of improvements and deteriorations


Qualitative Result Analysis

Simple result analysis through systematic marking/clustering of terms


Quality Assurance

Respond with measures and check their effectiveness


Real Time Results

View real-time results in dashboard and identify digital talents

Do we keep our promise?

What our customers say...

Matthias Lange, Leiter Online-/Mobile Vertrieb und Marketing DB Vertrieb GmbH, Referenz HRpuls Digitalisierung und Change
We have taken many steps to increase agility, innovation and customer centricity in our organization. With HRpuls we can measure and visualize the changes per business unit and team in real time. Through the integrated process of the idea and project phase, all employees can actively promote this change and development process. This creates a positive momentum of its own - and ultimately increases employee satisfaction and commitment."

Matthias Lange
Area Manager Online/Mobile Sales and Digital Marketing, DB Vertrieb GmbH

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